The Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center is accepting applications for Summer Staff
Supervisor positions.  Please see the job description and qualifications

Please contact me at [log in to unmask] to apply or for more information.


*Summer Staff Supervisor*

*Summer 2012*

*General Responsibility:*

The Summer Staff Supervisor serves as an immediate supervisor for the
college summer staff.


   - Available May 6 through July 20
   - Able to stay in the staff cabins during the week (Sunday through
   - Three years of Summer Staff experience highly preferred
   - College degree preferred but not required

*Specific Duties:*

*Directly supervise summer staff*

   - Make schedules, assignments, rotations, and work lists for staff each
   week.  This includes dance rotations, Friday work lists, etc.
   - Make a physical check of every active staff area at least once a day
   - Ensure that staff are efficient and productive
   - Ensure that staff are on time to assigned areas
   - Approve Staff Time Sheets

*Work to ensure the continual success and health of the summer staff team*

   - Examine summer staff team morale on a continuous basis
   - Assist in development of incentive programs for staff motivation
   - Develop and carry out incentive programs for staff (Staff Stars)
   - Build a professional relationship with staff
   - Determine need for and assist in development of special activities for
   - Prevent or address negative attitudes and discussion among staff

*Assist in the enforcement of staff policies*

   - Monitor problems with staff
   - Report problems to Administration
   - Recommend discipline actions
   - Serve as liaison between Administration and Summer Staff

*Other Duties*

   - Serve as a role model for the summer staff and campers
   - Set the example in attitude and work ethic
   - Assist in the goals of investment, growth, leadership, and character
   of the summer staff
   - Assist the Administrative Staff in the programs and the general
   operation of the camp

Russel Towns
Camp Manager

Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center
720 FFA FHA Camp Road
Covington, GA 30014
Office: 770-786-6926 ext 4
Fax: 770-786-1774
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