Below you should see the Discussion Topics that will be used this year.  The actual topic that they will discuss will not be shared with the students until they get in the presentation room.  Because of the number of students pre-registered, we will be doing preliminary brackets and then a finals.  The topic for the finals will be different than that of the preliminaries.  Please refer to the rules on the GA Ag Ed Website for more detailed information.

Discussion Meet Topics 2012
1.How can Georgia farmers and FFA convince the public that the animal agriculture industry balances production efficiencies with the public's expectation of animal care?
2.Have farmers and FFA effectively utilized social media to educate & influence the public?  What strategies can be implemented to expand the interaction between producers, FFA, and consumers?
3. How do Georgia farmers capitalize on the growing world demand for agriculture products?
4.What role can agriculture play in addressing health and obesity issues?

CDE Format:
Each student will stand up and give a 30 second opening statement
20 minutes of discussion (prepare student to discuss topic not debate or argue) (Students will be seated during their discussion
The students will have 1 minute to prepare a closing statement
Each student will stand up and give their 1 minute closing statement

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