Good Morning,

You have submitted 269 names for proficiencies. *(Awesome)*
However, There are five areas that do not have an entry.

Agriscience Research - Plant Systems
Diversified Crop - Entrepreneurship
Emerging Agricultural Technology
Grain Production - entrepreneurship
Specialty Crop Production

We can still accept applications in these categories. All of the other
categories are closed. If you have a student for one of these areas please
let me know by email. That way I can send another reminder out if we still
do not have some entries next friday.

Don't forget that we have to have the applications in our office by Feb.
15th. *That is not a post marked date*. The judging will begin the 16th.

Thanks for all you do,

Jerry Taylor
North Region Area Forestry Teacher
204 Four Towers Building, UGA
Athens, Ga. 30602
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706-552-4465 (office)
706-338-7703 (Cell)