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*Grower Tips For Rooted Cuttings:*

*Geraniums:* Geraniums are mostly propagated in Oasis foam cubes. These
cubes must be watered before transplant and watered in after transplant.
The first week after transplant with geraniums in Oasis cubes is crucial
because the Oasis cube must stay watered until the roots have grown out
into the soil medium. Geraniums are also heavy feeders and require a
constant feed of liquid fertilizer. Water geraniums with 20-10-20
fertilizer at about 200 ppm do not use time released fertilizers as a
substitute. Geraniums tend to establish light green foliage as a result in
lack of nutrition so remember Geraniums love fertilizer. Remove any dead
foliage and buds until the plant has reached optimal size during the
growing process. Weekly treatments of Cycocel at 1000 ppm will encourage
more branching and higher bloom count.

*Evolvulus, Lantana, Scaevolia and Verbena:* Water rooted cuttings before
transplant and plant in loose well drained watered medium. Good root
aeration is important. If cuttings are not fully rooted, let them grow in
for an additional week to ten days or be extremely gentle at time of
transplant to make sure the entire root system gets transplanted. Once
plants are established, they can tolerate drying out. Fertilize with
20-10-20 liquid feed fertilizer at 150-200 ppm at every irrigation. Do not
use time released fertilizers. Height can be controlled with B-Nine growth
regulators at 2500 ppm.   Coleus and Ipomoea: Transplant watered liners
into a well drained medium. Keep soil wet but not overly moist. Apply a
constant feed of 150-200 ppm of 20-10-20 liquid feed fertilizer. Do not use
time released fertilizers. Additional pinching during the growth process
will produce more branching and a more desirable finished product. Height
can be controlled with B-Nine growth regulators at 2500 ppm.

*Mystic Spires Salvia*: Transplant watered liners into a well drained
medium. Water in after transplant. Fertilize with water soluble fertilizer
every other watering with 20-10-20 at 150-200 ppm. Discontinue fertilizer
feed about two week prior to sale to increase shelf life.

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