By now, each one of you should have received a copy of your Fall Semes= ter Enrollment updated to the new data spreadsheet. If you did not, please = let me know soon so that we can resolve the issue. These are due back to yo= ur Area Teacher by April 2nd.
I have fielded a few questions since the first forms went back early t= his morning. I will try to answer them collectively:
1. You do not need to delete anyone from the Fall form. If they were a student in your class on October 15th, then we would like= them to show up on our State student count as a person that we provided se= rvices for in FY12. Just add any students that came in to any class=A0durin= g the semester change (if you are on year long classes)=A0or add your entir= e new roles of classes (if you are on a block) starting with the first empt= y line of the form under your first semester students. Be sure to choose &q= uot;2nd Semester" in the proper column.
2. Be absolutely sure to go back to your first semester students and <= strong>update their FFA membership status from first semester. Rem= ember you submitted this form on October 17th and several students who were= not members then, may be now.
3. If your school computer can not open an .xlsx file extension, pleas= e let me=A0know and I can resend yours in an older version of excel.
Feel free to call me if you are having trouble. I can talk faster than= I can type.

Stan Mitchell
North Region Director
Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers
= University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
Office 706-552-4468
Cell 706-338-7230
smitchell@ga= aged.org