Teachers below are growing tips from Mack Furlow , grower of the annual plugs and liners.

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Tips From The Grower:


Here are a few tips to assist you in better plug and rooted cutting planting for this spring season.


1.    Always plant cuttings and plugs after they have been watered. Plugs and cuttings will transplant better if they are wet.

2.    Be careful when transplanting. Always push the plug or cutting out from the bottom of the growing tray. This will avoid any damage to plants during the transplant process.

3.    If plant material appears to not be fully rooted, let it rest. Some plant material may not be fully rooted when it is delivered to your location. If this happens, please place the material in a sunny location in your greenhouse. Water the plant material every other day or after they have dried out but not entirely dry. Any unrooted material will be fully rooted in a week to ten days.

4.    Transplant plant material into wet soil medium. Always plant your plugs and rooted cuttings in wet soil at the time of planting and water in your plant material after planting.

5.    Remove any or all buds or flowers from your plant material before planting. Removal of any buds or flowers will help the plant concentrate on growing and not flowering. Continue this practice for the first three to four weeks after transplanting.

6.    Keep your growing area clean. A clean growing area will help you avoid the spread of disease and greenhouse pests. (See attached document)

7.    Scout your growing area. Always be on the look out for any problems. A problem found early will be easier to control.

8.    Cut back any overgrown plant material. If any of your plants get overgrown before or after transplanting, cut them back. This will promote more compact growth and more flowers when the plant if finished.

9.    Keep fresh air flowing through your growing area. Try to keep fresh air flowing through your growing area during daytime hours especially on sunny days.

10.                       Always have fun! Plants are fun and they make us feel good. Have a great spring!


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