Congratulations to all the students who competed yesterday at the Area II Poultry CDE.  Many thanks to the teachers & student teachers who helped score yesterday afternoon.  Thanks to your hard work, we had all the classes scored at the end of the contest. However, it has taken us all day to get all the scores in the computer & check the scores.  

This CDE is hosted through the UGA Poultry Science Department.  Please take a few minutes to ask your Poultry Team to send a thank you letter to the UGA Poultry Science Department, c/o Dr. Bruce Webster, 305 Poultry Science, UGA, Athens, GA 30602.  If you want to send a direct thank you to any other UGA faculty who assisted with the contest, you can find their contact information at this website:  

I also owe a special thank you to our office staff: Elizabeth Arnold, Emilia Dover, Sidney Bell, Teri Hamlin,  & Jerry Taylor for their help in scoring yesterday & today.  

The top two teams below in Jr / Sr will advance to the State Poultry CDE on March 23 at Oglethorpe High School.

Senior Results
1st:  Banks County High School, Advisor:  Kipp Jackson
2nd:  North Hall High School, Advisor:  John Sutton
      **Senior High Individual:  Kim Free, North Hall High School 

Junior Results
1st:  Banks County High School, Advisor:  Kipp Jackson
2nd:  Franklin County High School, Advisor:  Gary Minyard

Junior High Individual:  Samantha Manley, East Jackson High School (will be recognized at the Area II Banquet).

There was a tie between 1st and 2nd high individuals in the Junior Contest.  The tie was broken by the sum of Class 1 & 2.  Please call or e-mail with questions. Thank you for your patience.  
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