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Proficiency applications are due in the North Region Office by February 15th.  No late applications will be accepted.  This is a due by, not a post mark deadline.  You must complete one of these forms for each application / student you intend to submit.  Please contact the North Region Office if you have questions or concerns.
List of proficiencies: Sorted alphabetical by teacher name
School                                  Proficiency Name                        Teacher Name         Student Name
Loganville High School FFA Agricultural Services - Entrepreneurship/Placement Abby Needham Ivy Parsons
Loganville High School FFA Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Abby Needham Stevie Johnson
Washington wilkes Wildlife Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement ADam Wood Dennis Hagan
Oconee County High FFA Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Amanda Hefner Rebecca Corley
Oconee County High FFA Equine Science - Placement Amanda Hefner Lindsay Brannon
Oconee County High FFA Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Amanda Hefner Zoe Latimer
Habersham Central High School Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Amy Crump Ashley   Shockley
Habersham Central High School Forest Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Amy Crump Kelly Sweeney
Habersham Central High School Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Amy Crump Kelly  Thompson
Habersham Central High School Landscape Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Amy Crump Christian Delugach
North Forsyth Nursery Operations - Entrepreneurship/Placement Anita Harris Mikaela Harris
Hart County High Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Anna E. Smith Taylor Saxon
Etowah Equine Science - Placement Ashley Rivers Bridget Kviten
Etowah Veterinary Medicine - Entrepreneurship/Placement Ashley Rivers Hannah Glasser
Gilmer County Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Ashton Allen Jessica Payne
Gilmer County Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Ashton Allen  Levi Thomas
Gilmer County Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Ashton Allen  Jamie  Nesemeier
White Agricultural Sales - Placement B Dalton Susie Berry
White Agriscience Research - Animal Systems (Entrepreneurship/Placement) B Dalton Sammie  Floyd
White Beef Production - Placement B Dalton Madison Westmoreland
White Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship B Dalton Brandon Ivey
White Dairy Production - Placement B Dalton Brooke Helton
White Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement B Dalton Brooke Helton
White Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement B Dalton Katie Rumley
White Small Animal Production and Care - Entrepreneurship/Placement B Dalton Lauren Cantrell
White Specialty Animal Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement B Dalton Sammie Floyd
White Swine Production - Entrepreneurship B Dalton Rachel Hamilton
White Wildlife Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement B Dalton Brandon Ivey
East Hall High Small Animal Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Barb Saunders Andrew Evans
Gordon Lee Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design - Entrepreneurship/Placement Becky Forrester Emily Potter
Gordon Lee Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement Becky Forrester Brittany Hearn
Alcovy Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Ben Brand Dillon Parker
Alcovy Specialty Animal Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Ben Brand Ethan Kitchens
Temple Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Bennett Jacobs Cassie Hylton
Heritage High School Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Brandon Ray Avery  Shupert
Heritage High School Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Brandon Ray Blaiz Harden
Heritage High School Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Brandon Ray Blair  Harden
Heritage High School Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Brandon Ray Roseanna Volz
Heritage High School Equine Science - Placement Brandon Ray Ciara  Wright
Heritage High School Forage Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Brandon Ray Blaiz  Harden
Heritage High School Forage Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Brandon Ray Blaiz Harden
Heritage High School Forage Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Brandon Ray Blaiz Harden
Heritage High School Specialty Animal Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Brandon Ray Bailey  Lane
jefferson Equine Science - Placement bray brittney lee
jefferson Swine Production - Entrepreneurship bray cassidy davis
East Jackson Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Burton Amanda Murphy
Jackson County Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Burton Steven Cooper
Jackson County Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Burton Steven Cooper
Franklin Co. High School Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems - Entrepreneurship/Placement Cale Watkins Eric Allen
Franklin Co. High School Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Cale Watkins Trey Adams
Franklin Co. High School Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Cale Watkins Will Roane
Franklin Co. High School Turf Grass Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Cale Watkins Jacob Trites
Franklin Co. High School Veterinary Medicine - Entrepreneurship/Placement Cale Watkins Sara Duncan
jefferson Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement calloway alex holman
Jefferson Beef Production - Placement Calloway Jini Martin
jefferson Forest Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement calloway Dylan Cantrell
Pepperell Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Carey Harris Jeremy Baker
Woodland High School Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Casteel Grant  Jamison
Woodland High School Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Casteel Brandy Yates
Central of Carroll Beef Production - Placement Chuck Joiner Logan Steed
Ringgold Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Chuck Williams Damon  Waters
Cass High Agricultural Sales - Placement Connie Collier Charlotte Frady
Greene County Agricultural Sales - Placement Constance Reid Brittany  Cook
Greene County Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Constance Reid Jessica Wallace
Greene County Small Animal Production and Care - Entrepreneurship/Placement Constance Reid Linsey Meng
Jackson County Beef Production - Entrepreneurship D. Burton Steven  Cooper
North Murray Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement David Bushey Kaitylnn  Sneed
North Murray Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design - Entrepreneurship/Placement David Bushey Trevor  Maddron
North Murray Beef Production - Entrepreneurship David Bushey Hannah Porter
North Murray Beef Production - Placement David Bushey Samantha Stafford
North Murray Equine Science - Placement David Bushey Andrea Bowen
North Murray Grain Production - Placement David Bushey Seth Wilson
North Murray Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement David Bushey Breanna  Wilson
Chattooga  Agricultural Sales - Entrepreneurship David Yarbrough Julia  Scruggs
Chattooga  Agricultural Sales - Placement David Yarbrough Vanessa  Massey
Chattooga  Beef Production - Entrepreneurship David Yarbrough Matthew  Pace
Chattooga  Beef Production - Placement David Yarbrough Lee  Massey
Chattooga  Dairy Production - Placement David Yarbrough Bailey  Kellett
Chattooga  Dairy Production - Placement David Yarbrough Haley  Barton
Chattooga  Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement David Yarbrough Emily  Rubright
Chattooga  Landscape Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement David Yarbrough Michael Bowen
Chattooga  Agricultural Sales - Placement David Yarbrough  Garrett  Hurley
Chattooga  Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement David Yarbrough  Garrett  Hurley
Lincolnton FFA Chapter Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement Dennis W. Gay Alison Chalker
Lincolnton FFA Chapter Landscape Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dennis W. Gay Jamie Elliott
White County Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Allison Fortner
White County Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Patrick Morgan
White County Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Vince Mohler
White County Agricultural Services - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Matthew Allums
White County Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Dustin Keener Casey Chastain
White County Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Ryan Pressley
White County Forest Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Dylan Loggins
White County Fruit Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Patrick Morgan
White County Grain Production - Placement Dustin Keener Ryan Pressley
White County Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Dustin Keener Kyle Gooch
Stephens County High School Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Farish Mulkey, Jr. T.R. Dooley
Alexander Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Freddie Morrison Andrew Weldon
Alexander Wildlife Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Freddie Morrison Justin Walton
Pepperell Vegetable Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Gardner Hannah  Hall
Franklin County High Agricultural Sales - Entrepreneurship Gary Minyard Ansley  Akin
Franklin County High Diversified Crop Production - Placement Gary Minyard Alisha Ariail
Franklin County High Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Gary Minyard Cole Roper
Franklin County High Landscape Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Gary Minyard Karlie Oliver
Franklin County High Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Gary Minyard Candace Barnes
Mundy's Mill High School Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement George Hollinger TE'Erica  Little
Union County Equine Science - Placement Ginger Bushey Savanna Chambers
Union County Vegetable Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Ginger Bushey Michael Dalton Taylor
East Jackson High Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Greg Gilman Newt Gilman
Northwest Whitfield Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Charlee  Boyd
Northwest Whitfield Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Brian  Cook
Northwest Whitfield  Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement Janet Robbins Justin  Bowling
Northwest Whitfield Agricultural Services - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Kristen  Woodhead
Northwest Whitfield Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Justin  Wills
Northwest Whitfield Equine Science - Placement Janet Robbins Kristen  Woodhead
Northwest Whitfield Forage Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Justin  Wills
Northwest Whitfield Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Courtaney  Dickerson
Northwest Whitfield Outdoor Recreation - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Travis Gordon
Northwest Whitfield Small Animal Production and Care - Entrepreneurship/Placement Janet Robbins Garrett  Krout
Pickens County High School FFA Agricultural Sales - Placement Jason Cantrell Jonathan  Mullins
Rockmart Agriscience Research - Animal Systems (Entrepreneurship/Placement) JD Malone/Jeff Hawkins Morgan Dunn
Rockmart Beef Production - Entrepreneurship JD Malone/Jeff Hawkins Kyle Newberry
Rockmart Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement JD Malone/Jeff Hawkins Jeffery Williams
Rockmart Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement JD Malone/Jeff Hawkins Breanna Chafin
Morgan County Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design - Entrepreneurship/Placement Jeff Thomas Dalton Sumner
Pope High Diversified Horticulture - Entrepreneurship/Placement Joe Green Peter Desio
Pickens County FFA Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Joe Wright A.J. Bray
North Hall FFA Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement John Sutton A.J. Zurzolo
North Hall FFA Equine Science - Entrepreneurship John Sutton Dusty Farmer
Gilmer County  Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Josh Hitt Casey Ellis
Gilmer County Landscape Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Josh Hitt Collan  Sanford
Gilmer County Swine Production - Entrepreneurship Josh Hitt Christopher Perigo
Madison County High  Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement Josh White Kevin  Jones
Madison County High  Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement Josh White Jesse Wade
Madison County High Swine Production - Entrepreneurship Josh White Zack Tankersley
Arabia Mountain Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Joshua Rogers Brandon  Harris
Arabia Mountain Diversified Horticulture - Entrepreneurship/Placement Joshua Rogers Alexis  Barnes
Arabia Mountain Equine Science - Placement Joshua Rogers Wesley Calhoun
Southeast Whitfield Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Julie Roberts Katelyn  Burke
Cedar Shoals Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement Julie Throne A.J. McLean
Jackson County Beef Production - Placement K. Wilson Lorinda  Moore
Adairsville Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems - Entrepreneurship/Placement Katie Moore Ashley Huskins
Adairsville FFA Chapter Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Katie Moore Caleb Cabe
Madison County High School Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Kay Farmer Tyler Arnold
Madison County High School Dairy Production - Placement Kay Farmer Shelby Smith
Madison County High School Vegetable Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Kay Farmer Stephanie Hilburn
Monroe Area Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Kelly Howell Alexa Jones
Monroe Area Equine Science - Placement Kelly Howell Leah Prine
Rockdale Career Academy Small Animal Production and Care - Entrepreneurship/Placement Kevin Surrette Amy Boyette
Alcovy FFA Forest Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Kimberly Fennell Robert  Akin
Banks County Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Kipp Jackson Faith Turk
Habersham Central FFA Agricultural Processing - Entrepreneurship/Placement Kyle Dekle Chyanne Pope
Habersham Central FFA Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Kyle Dekle Johnathan Barrett
Habersham Central FFA Beef Production - Placement Kyle Dekle Megan Hopper
Habersham Central FFA Equine Science - Placement Kyle Dekle Hannah Reeves
Habersham Central FFA Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Kyle Dekle Salem Frady
Habersham Central FFA Swine Production - Entrepreneurship Kyle Dekle Reed Whitecotton
Habersham Central FFA Swine Production - Placement Kyle Dekle Austin Thompson
Lumpkin Co. Outdoor Recreation - Entrepreneurship/Placement Malone Harrell Payge Brown
Walnut Grove High School Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement Margaret Carden Jonathan Butcher
Walnut Grove High School Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement Margaret Carden Victoria Jones
Walnut Grove High School Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement Margaret Carden Cheyenne Cox
Walnut Grove High School Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement Margaret Carden Christina Alford
Central of Caroll Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Entrepreneurship Mark Lashley Kyle Cook
White County High Agricultural Sales - Entrepreneurship Martin Max Greenway
White County High Diversified Horticulture - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Taylor Jones
White County High Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Martin Nicole Sutton
White County High Equine Science - Placement Martin Brandon  Martin
White County High Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Chris West
White County High Landscape Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Tommy Usher
White County High Nursery Operations - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Dexter Roberts
White County High Outdoor Recreation - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Cole Sosebee
White County High Turf Grass Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Tommy Usher
White County High Vegetable Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Lindsey Hulsey
White County High Veterinary Medicine - Entrepreneurship/Placement Martin Brandon  Martin
Monroe Area FFA Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Matt Ehlers Maggie Polson
Paulding County Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement Matt Townson Trent Bernard
Gordon Central High School Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Melissa Hubbard Lea  Crump
Gordon Central High School Beef Production - Placement Melissa Hubbard Holly Smith
Gordon Central High School Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Melissa Hubbard Tad  Bielstein
Gordon Central High School Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Melissa Hubbard Timothy  Hubbard
Gordon Central High School Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Melissa Hubbard Gibson  Priest
Newton County FFA Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Melissa Snyder Josie Stamps
Elbert County Dairy Production - Placement Michael BIlow Johna Busby
Elbert County Wildlife Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Michael Bilow Nate  Lewis
Cedartown High School Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design - Entrepreneurship/Placement Michael Ferguson Heather Swafford
Cedartown High School Veterinary Medicine - Entrepreneurship/Placement Michael Ferguson Matt Moore
Cedartown High School Wildlife Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Michael Ferguson Trevor Spinks
Pepperell Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Michael Gardner Jordan Worthey
Pepperell Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Michael Gardner Stephanie Barwick
Pepperell Forage Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Michael Gardner Stephanie Barwick
Murray Fruit Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Mike Bushey Jonathan Bennett
Washington Wilkes Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship Nathan Heaton Joshua McLeroy
LFO Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Nelson McCracken Audrea  Cullpepper
LFO Sheep Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Nelson McCracken Austin  Barker
LFO Wildlife Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Nelson McCracken Josh Waltour
Franklin Co High Agriscience Research - Integrated Systems (Entrepreneurship/Placement) Owen Thomason Malone Thomason
Ridgeland Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Peter Davis Raymond Thomas
Ridgeland Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement Peter Davis Tiffany Taylor
Jackson Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement R Buchanan Steven  Cooper
Apalachee  Diversified Horticulture - Entrepreneurship/Placement Raymond Fitzpatrick  Savannah  Morton
Dawson County Beef Production - Placement Reggie Stowers Hayley  Gilreath
Dawson County Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Reggie Stowers Hayley Gilreath
Dawson County Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Reggie Stowers Chris Hamby
Dawson County Vegetable Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Reggie Stowers Issac Rice
Fannin County Forest Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Rhonda Mathews Mason Cruse
Fannin High Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Rhonda Mathews Caleb Owenby
Oglethorpe Co Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement Rob Jackson Amanda Parker
Oglethorpe County Swine Production - Placement Rob Jackson Kate Shealy
LaFayette High School Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design - Entrepreneurship/Placement Ronnie Stephens Austin Barclay
LaFayette High School Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Ronnie Stephens Ty Bearden
LaFayette High School Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Ronnie Stephens Trevor Norris
Bowdon High School Forest Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement Ryan Ayers Logan Freeman
Riverdale Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Sabrina Davis Elisa Pasteur
Riverdale Agricultural Sales - Placement Sabrina Davis Della Brown
Riverdale Agricultural Sales - Placement Sabrina Davis Johel Avalia
Towns County High Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Entrepreneurship Sabrina Garrett Jeffrey Hogsed
Towns County High Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Sabrina Garrett Tyler Osborn
Towns County High Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Sabrina Garrett Andrew Turpin
Towns County High Equine Science - Placement Sabrina Garrett Jill McCray
sonoraville high Agricultural Sales - Placement sara clark hannah oster
Sonoraville high Diversified Horticulture - Entrepreneurship/Placement sara clark ben gibson
sonoraville high Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement sara clark taylor sills
sonoraville high Wildlife Management - Entrepreneurship/Placement sara clark hunter  pruitt
Athens Christian Beef Production - Entrepreneurship Sara Hughes Abbey Gretsch
Rabun County High school Fruit Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Sarah Adams Hannah Wright
Rabun County High school Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Sarah Adams Leah Worley
Cherokee High School Outdoor Recreation - Entrepreneurship/Placement Sarah Scarborough Samantha Kite
Banks Co. Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement Scott Wheatley Daniel Anderson
Banks Co. Poultry Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Scott Wheatley Haley Dodd
Oglethorpe County Beef Production - Placement Sertich Haley Throne
Oglethorpe County Diversified Livestock Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Sertich Haley Throne
Oglethorpe County Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Sertich Haley Throne
Oglethorpe County Swine Production - Entrepreneurship Sertich Andy  Paul
Rabun County Agricultural Processing - Entrepreneurship/Placement Shawn Bertrang Payton Stutsman
Rabun County Food Science and Technology - Entrepreneurship/Placement Shawn Bertrang Jennifer Mitcham
Rabun County Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Shawn Bertrang Justin Walker
East Jackson High Equine Science - Placement Taylor Ginn Ashley DiGanci
Winder-Barrow Outdoor Recreation - Entrepreneurship/Placement Terry Ensley Troy Williams
Cedar Shoals Agriscience Research - Plant Systems (Entrepreneurship/Placement) Throne Katie Siemion
North Oconee High School Home and/or Community Development - Entrepreneurship/Placement Tim Griffeth William  English
North Oconee High School Nursery Operations - Entrepreneurship/Placement Tim Griffeth Michele  Moncrief
Morgan County FFA Dairy Production - Placement Tim Savelle Katelin Benkoski
Morgan County FFA Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Tim Savelle Cassidy Sims
Mt Zion Swine Production - Entrepreneurship Tom Liles Jemone  Thomas
Mt Zion Swine Production - Entrepreneurship Tom Liles Carlyn Albright
Winder-Barrow FFA Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintainance - Placement Tonia Harbin Nicholas Lasser
Winder-Barrow FFA Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Entrepreneurship Tonia Harbin Ryland Pendley
Winder-Barrow FFA Beef Production - Placement Tonia Harbin Amanda Hunt
Winder-Barrow FFA Swine Production - Entrepreneurship Tonia Harbin Bryanna Cash
Winder-Barrow FFA Swine Production - Placement Tonia Harbin Dustin Parks
Creekside High School Small Animal Production and Care - Entrepreneurship/Placement Traves Hyman Culani Burks
Creekside High School Veterinary Medicine - Entrepreneurship/Placement Traves Hyman Tabitha Dodson
Oconee County High School Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship Travis Walker Bennett Guthrie
Oconee County High FFA Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Travis Walker Andrew Kinnard
Oconee County High School Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Travis Walker Andrew  Kinnard
Madison County High School Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Trisha Lastly Brianna  Roberts
Madison County High School Forage Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Trisha Lastly Savannah Roberts
Madison County High School Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Trisha Lastly  Jade  Andrews
Madison County High School  Diversified Agricultural Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Trisha Lastly  Stephanie Dawson
Madison County High School  Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Trisha Lastly  Garrett  Whitworth
Floyd Co CCA Vegetable Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Troy  Fitzpatrick Tristen  Ingle
Osborne High School  Agricultral Education - Entrepreneurship/Placement Veronica Owens Jessica Berry
Ridgeland Agricultural Communications - Entrepreneurship/Placement Wendy Matteson Trevor Abercrombie
Ridgeland Beef Production - Placement Wendy Matteson Cordell Kingsley
Ridgeland Specialty Animal Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Wendy Matteson Star Culberson
Newton County Agricultural Processing - Entrepreneurship/Placement Wesley Belcher Sierra Pruitt
Habersham 9th Grade Academy Turf Grass Managment - Entrepreneurship/Placement Zack Free Travis Smith
Northwest Whitfield Equine Science - Entrepreneurship Zack Lumpkin Abby Maddox
Northwest Whitfield Goat Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement Zack Lumpkin Courtaney  Dickerson

Jerry Taylor
North Region Area Forestry Teacher
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Athens, Ga. 30602
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