The Middle School SAE Awards Program recognizes outstanding SAE programs for FFA members in grades 6, 7, and 8. The Middle School SAE Awards Program is designed to encourage students to begin and maintain a Supervised Agricultural Experience program.

Students will be recognized in each category on the area level on one of these three levels: Gold, Silver or Bronze. A top area winner will be selected from all the Gold winners and awarded the platinum award in that category. The six platinum winners will then be judged for an overall state winner.

The student should apply in one of the six categories based on the type of SAE the student has. Each of the six categories will be judged separately on the area and state level. The six categories of SAEs and a description of each one are as follows:

1. Ag Mechanics/ Wood Working:

2. Ag Sales/ Marketing/ Services

3. Production Agriculture

4. Forestry/ Natural Resources

5. Livestock

6. Horticulture

The number of record books submitted to the region office for judging cannot exceed 10% of that chapters FFA membership.

Time period for records: August 1 - March 15. SAEs can be anywhere from a short few weeks project to up to 8 and half months. Students are welcome to list any activity on page 5 as long as it happened while the student has been a FFA member.

Record books are due to the South Region Office by 5pm on Monday April 2nd. The due date has changed from March 15th. This is not a post-marked date. Only hard copies will be accepted. For rules or to download a copy of the Official Middle School Record Book, please visit www.gaaged.org or Justin Sealy's portal.

Please contact us if you have questions.

W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education