The area extemporaneous speaking CDEs are coming up in March. The Area V CDE will be held March 6 in Pelham, and the Area VI CDE will be March 8 in Lanier County. These speaking events do not have sub-area brackets, therefore, each chapter may send one participant to these area events. 
Please keep in mind that speech topics will not be given out beforehand this year.  Examples of topics from past years can be found by searching the listserve archives on the Georgia Ag Ed website. If you have any questions about the event or about preparing for it, please feel free to contact me. Complete rules for the CDE can be found in the CDE guide located on the AgEd website.
Everyone needs to register for the CDE by Tuesday, Feb. 28, by completing the registration form at:

I will send out a confirmation after that of everyone who has registered. Advisors should then check to ensure that their student is listed and if not, let me know immediately. If you have any trouble accessing the form, send me an email with your participant's name.

Here's a few more helpful tips:
Twelve topics will be prepared by the event superintendent and will include three each from the following categories:

1. agriscience and technology
2. agrimarketing and international agriculture
3. food and fiber systems
4. urban agriculture
Participants will be admitted to the preparation room at approximately 15 minute intervals and given exactly 30 minutes for topic selection and     preparation.
The officials in charge of the event will screen reference material on the following basis:

1. Must be limited to five items
2. Printed material such as books or magazines
3. Printed compilations of materials collected from internet research
4. To be counted as one item, a notebook or folder of collected materials may contain NO more than 100 single sided pages or 50 pages double sided numbered consecutively. ( Pages must be numbered before entering the preparation room)
5. Cannot be notes or speeches prepared by the participant or by another person for the purpose of use in this event
 Each speech should be the result of the participant's own effort using  approved reference material which the participant may bring to the preparation room. No other assistance may be provided. Any notes for speaking must be made during the 30 minute preparation period. A participant will be permitted to use notes while speaking, but deductions in scoring may be made for this practice if it detracts from the effectiveness of the presentation.

Here are a few examples of materials that could be useful for extemp preparation :
Personal Books, Magazines, Newspapers
Farm Journal, Progressive Farmer, New York Time, Wall Street Journal, LocalNewspaper
Industry Trade Associations: American Quarter Horse Assoc, Georgia Green Industry Assoc., Georgia Forestry Commission
Organizations & Experts Interviews: Agribusiness person, Farmer, President of civic club or industry related organization,             Agricultural scientist, College of Agriculture
Surveys public opinion polls, agriculture stats
Biographical sources: Dictionary of National and American Biography, Who's Who in America
Computer Databases & Websites
ERIC, Agridata Network, AG STAT
Growing Georgia Website: free subscription by going to: http://growinggeorgia.com/
Agricultural Research Magazine: free subscription for schools. Email [log in to unmask] or call 301-504-1638
The Furrow (published by John Deere): see your John Deere dealer for info.
USDA - http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome
Ga. Dept of Agriculture : http://agr.georgia.gov/
Georgia Farm Bureau - http://www.gfb.org/
Have a great day and again if you have any questions please let me know. 
Lynn Barber
South Region Agricultural Education Director
Georgia Department of Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy.
Tifton, GA 31794