There are 49 sponsored categories for this year. Please be aware of the
following changes to the proficiency award categories:

1.      Goat Production has been added as a new category for 2011-2012;
meaning Goat SAEs should no longer be entered in the Specialty Animal

2.      Floriculture is NO LONGER a category *(NOTE: projects that would
have been entered in the Floriculture category should consider the
Agricultural Sales or Diversified Horticulture categories this year.)

3.      3 new Agriscience Research categories are available (Animal
Systems, Plant Systems, and Integrated Systems) Require New Proficiency App.

4.      Diversified Livestock Production is now one category;
Entrepreneurship and Placement have been combined

5.      Veterinary Medicine is now named Veterinary Science

Please remember that the proficiency award applications can be downloaded
from the National FFA website:

From the site, look on the far right under the “Applications & Forms”
heading. You will see a Placement application, an Entrepreneurship
application, and the new Agriscience Research application. Open the
appropriate application type (placement, entrepreneurship, research) and
you will have a drop down menu to select the specific category.

For those of you using the AET, that system does match up with the National
FFA proficiency applications, so you can download and complete each
proficiency application from the AET.

A few other reminders about proficiency awards for this year…

1.      Once a student has been a state winner in a proficiency award area,
regardless of their national placing, they are not eligible to enter that
category again.

2.      All records (hours, finances, skills, competencies, etc) must end
on December 31, 2011, for this year’s applications. DO NOT put anything
from 2012 on this year’s applications!

3.      There was much talk of new proficiency award applications; however,
the new applications for all existing technical categories have been
delayed. For 2011-2012, proficiency award applications will be the same
format as they have been. The exceptions are the 3 new Agriscience Research

4.      All 3 new Agriscience Research categories will use a new
application format; and those applications should be downloaded separately
from the national website using the link above.
5.      Please take time to review the attached category descriptions very
carefully. Your students do a lot of work with their SAE. It is a shame
when they are entered in the wrong category and are disqualified. Some SAEs
are unique, and some categories can seem unclear, so if you’re not sure,
please ask!

*Proficiency Award applications are due to the Region Office on February
15, 2012 by 5pm. This is not a postmarked date. Hard copies and electronic
copies should be submitted together. Hard copies must be submitted for
credit. Electronic files should be on a properly labeled re-writable CD.  *

For proficiency award areas, descriptions, and applications, please visit
my portal.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education