If you are planning to have students participate in the Area Poultry Evaluation CDE this week, please read this information carefully.


Due to an untimely lack of resources, students will not use the standard scan tron form for the Area Poultry Evaluation CDEs being held this week. In place of the standard Poultry CDE scan tron form, some Poultry CDE individual class score cards have been created. The score cards that will be used are attached for your review. In the time that you have left before your Area CDE, I encourage you to review these cards with your students. An orientation will be provided at the CDE before the competition begins. To be clear, the format of the event will not be different than what you were told previously; only the score cards will be different.


Each student will have a different card for each class. After marking the card for that respective class, the student will turn in that card to the class proctor, and move to the next class.


I realize that many of you had been preparing your students for the standard Poultry CDE scan tron form, and I share your frustration. We encountered a problem with very little time to solve it. Much thought was given to the best solution, and the decision was made to utilize these cards for the Area CDE.


Based on feedback, it looks like a record number of teams are planning to compete in the Poultry CDE in all three Regions. I wish you all the very best, and appreciate the work that you do with your students. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me or the Area Livestock Teacher in your Region.




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