Just a little info for tomorrow that may make things run smoother.
Remember to bring your health papers- I talked with some inspectors this morning and nothing has changed from last year.
Unloading- When you come onto the fairgrounds through the Pecan trees we will start making two lines after we cross the pipe(bridge). If you want to go to Sheep & Swine 1-old barn- you will need to get into the left lane. If you want to go to Sheep & Swine 2-new barn- you will need to get into the right lane.
We will be assigning pen right when you come through the fence behind Sheep and Swine #2- Get you pens there.
When you back up to unload let the health inspectors check your health papers and then unload your pigs and move your trailer over to unload your equipment, please move your truck and trailer as soon as possible for someone else to unload.
We plan to open the barns for unloading around 7am and start weighing around 8am.
If you have problems tomorrow my cell number is 229.326.3053
see you tomorrow

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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