Find attached the registration information and release forms for our skeet tournament on March 31, 2012.  Please read the forms carefully and get in touch with me if you have questions.  Each team member must have a parental release form signed by a parent or guardian.  Each team registration form must have a school administrator signature to show insurance coverage. The release forms have to be handled correctly for liability issues to be covered. 


We are not limiting the number of teams per school at this time.  This will only be done if the numbers get too high.  We hope we can offer the tournament to all that want to participate.  A limit may have to be imposed at a later date.


Specific directions to the Wagon Wheel Sporting Club will be sent later.  The location is just over the county line above Marion County off of Highway 80 near Geneva, GA.


Please email me your initial registration for planning purposes and then bring a signed registration form with you on the day of the tournament along with the permission forms for team members.




Joey Wells

Marion County FFA