The following chapters from the 8th Edition of Modern Livestock and Poultry Production will be used to make the management exams for the State Senior Livestock CDE's for this year.
Chapter 3- Safety in Livestock Production
Chapter 7- Feed Additives and Hormone Implants
Chapter 11- Biotechnology in Livestock Production
Chapter 13- Breeds of Beef Cattle
Chapter 14- Selection and Judging of Beef
Chapter 19- Marketing Beef
Chapter 20- Breeds of Swine
Chapter 21- Selection and Judging of Swine
Chapter 22- Feeding and Management of Swine
Chapter 27- Feeding, Management, and Housing of Sheep
Please note that we have changed to the 8th edition this year, not the 7th that we used in previous years.
Questions will be hand written and will not be off a Teachers help disc.
If you have questions please call your Area Livestock Teacher.


Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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