I would like to remind you about the new program we started last year
called REV IT UP.

*Why get involved in REV IT UP?*

   1. Your chapter gets to make an investment in the improvement of your
   2. Your chapter gets rewarded, and some of these rewards are pretty big!

*How do I get involved in REV IT UP?*

   1. Tell your students about the program. There are promotional tools on
   the website:
   2. Ask your students to bring small donations each week during school.
    We recommend that you deposit them into your chapter's account if you have
   3. Before coming to Summer Leadership Camp, write a check (cash is fine,
   too) for your total donation.  Make the check payable to Georgia FFA
   Foundation or Georgia FCCLA Foundation.
   4. Bring your donation to check-in at Summer Leadership Camp.
   5. Enjoy the rewards!

*What are the rewards?*

There are five levels of rewards based on how much funds your chapter

Level One: $100 - $199

·        Leadership Team of the Week Points - Chapters will receive 10
points towards Leadership Team of the Week for their team.  Maximum 10
points per team.

·        Pizza and a Drink – Students in the chapter may receive one free
slice of pizza and one free can drink from the canteen on the designated

Level Two: $200 - $299

·        Food Line Break Pass - Students may move to the front of the meal
line on a designated day.

·        Cabin Clean-Up Pass - The cabin gets an automatic 100 on cabin
check for one designated day.  Maximum of 1 pass per cabin during the week.

·        Plus Level One rewards

Level Three: $300 - $499

·        Ice Cream Party - Students in the chapter will be able to attend a
special ice cream party.

·        Plus Level One and Two rewards

Level Four: $500 - $999

·        Chapter name recognized on a “Wall of Fame” at
the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center.

·        Advisors will receive a free snack and drink each night of SLC.

·        Plus Level One, Two, and Three rewards

Level Five: $1,000 or more

·        Individual chapter will receive a free BASIC Training session.
This session can be done at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center or at the
chapter’s school.  (Limit 20 people for one-day low ropes package)

·        Plus Level One, Two, Three, and Four rewards

Grand Prizes:

·        The top five chapters that donate at least $500 will receive a
golf cart to use during camp!

·        Of the top five chapters, the highest donating chapter gets “The
Beast” – a stretched golf cart, for their week of camp.**

* *
*What happens to the money?*
Students provide the key input on determining a project to use the funds
In the first year of the program, we used the funds to construct a

*What are the rules for earning rewards?*

   - FFA and FCCLA chapters are eligible to participate.
   - Participation is limited to individual chapters.  For example, FFA and
   FCCLA chapters from the same school will be considered separate chapters,
   and high school and middle school chapters from the same school system will
   be considered separate chapters.
   - Chapters may not combine their funds with other chapters.
   - Deposits and camp registration payments will not be applied towards
   the contest.  Overpayments in which the chapter is due a refund can be
   - Forfeited registration fees may not be used for towards the contest.
   - The contest starts over each year.  Fund amounts do not roll over to
   the next year
   - All funds that will be counted for the contest must be turned before
   the end of Check-In on Monday of camp.
   - Chapters must donate a minimum of $500 to qualify for the grand prize
   golf carts.  The five qualifying chapters that donate the highest amount
   will receive a golf cart to use during the week of camp.  Four chapters
   will receive one regular golf cart each.  The chapter that donated the
   highest amount gets the Beast.  If there are less than five chapters that
   donate at least $500, then only the qualifying chapters will receive a golf
   - Advisors of chapters that win a golf cart will receive a copy of
   safety guidelines to follow.  Unsafe operation will result in forfeit of
   - In case of a tie, the chapter that brings the most students (from that
   single chapter) to camp will win the grand prize.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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