The State Star batteries were revised for this school year. New caption & text boxes were added through the application in an effort to make it more user-friendly. This week two specific issues have been identified with the new battery form that you need to be aware of. Because this application is due this week, we are not making corrections and uploading a new application this year. Please use the current application but read the following notes carefully so that your student has the opportunity to put their best foot forward.


First, by adding new caption boxes on each photo page, we eliminated the 50 word limit for captions. All photo captions must be 14 point Arial font, and must fit in the caption box provided. There is one place on the application (page 3) that still states that captions are limited to 50 words. Please disregard that note.


Secondly, on pages Ent 1 and Plc 1, the second question is mis-worded. The question sounds as if goals were listed as part of a previous question and progress is meant to be listed here (much like the proficiency award applications). This question is meant to give the students an opportunity to discuss their "growth" or achievement in the SAE. Students should use the space provided to best explain how they have progressed within their SAE. Do not be mis-guided by the idea that their goals should be listed somewhere else.


I apologize for these errors. We will fix these places on the application before next year. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


Remember, State Degree applications and Star Batteries are due to your Region Office by Thursday, March 1.