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Date: Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 3:06 PM
Subject: FW: Call to action on charter amendment
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I'm not sure if other teachers are aware of this bill. Our superintendent
just informed us of it yesterday.
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Ladies and gentlemen:
Well, it appears that we are in need of a “last gasp effort” to defeat
HR1162 in the House.  It has been scheduled for a vote in the House
tomorrow, February 22, and I just don’t believe that they would put it on
the calendar if the House leadership didn’t feel that they had twisted
enough arms to have the 120 votes they need.  In addition, a called meeting
of the House Education Committee has been scheduled for this afternoon, a
meeting at which the enabling legislation (a new version of HB797) will be
introduced.  The stars are aligned.
Here’s what we need:

 *   Please make a telephone call to your representative (both Dems and
Repubs) to ask them to vote “no” on this critical piece of legislation.  A
phone call is much, much preferred over an email, as they are getting
covered up with emails from the charter folks and are just deleting almost
anything in their inboxes.  In addition, please encourage calls by all who
are within your sphere of influence, as the more they hear from the “folks
back home,” the better our chances.
 *   Don’t be swayed by the “they fixed it” comments regarding funding.
 Folks, there is only one pie, and that pie is the state budget.  You are
already keenly aware of the limitations of that document, having suffered
cuts to your own state allotments for ten years now.  Even if they keep
their pledge to refrain from trying to “take local money,” any money in the
state budget for newly-approved state charter schools would still have to
come from that larger budget, meaning (once again) fewer dollars (an even
smaller piece of the pie) for local school systems.
 *   We are already planning our Senate strategy and will be contacting key
superintendents whose senators could well be sympathetic to our position.
 If this resolution makes it out of the House, the battle on the Senate
side will be just as intense and will require that your hard work continue.
 Even at this point, I’d be interested in any thoughts that any of you have
about where your senators stand, as this will help us in our lobbying
 *   I am including a second copy of the op-ed piece that I sent as part of
the last edition of Friday notes, as that document provides a pretty good
set of talking points.  In addition, if you need a reminder of how your
representative voted the last time HR1162 was up, click here<> for
that list.
Please let me know via email of any commitments you get from your

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