The UGA Livestock judging Teams will be offering lunch Saturday at the Livestock Judging CDE for a cost of $5.50 per lunch. If you would like to purchase lunch for you and your students just fill out the form at the link below to order them. Please remember that if you order them you are expected to pay for them. You can make your checks out to the UGA Livestock Judging Team. I have to turn in a count Thursday morning. 

The classes that we plan on Judging on Saturday are:

Class #                       Class Name             Jr FFA             Sr FFA           

1                                  Mkt Hogs                 yes                 yes                             

2                                  X Bred Gilts             yes                 yes                            

3                                  Breeding Does       no                   no                                

3                                  Meat goats              YES                 YES                                 

4                                  Market lambs         yes                 yes                             

5                                  Market Steers        yes                 yes                            

6                                  Sim Angus Hfs        yes                 yes                            

Break (drop Jr FFA & Jr 4-H)

7                                  Angus Hfs                no                 no                            

8                                  Breeding Ewes       no                   yes                               

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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