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Date: Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 11:28 AM
Subject: Premium Checks for State Shows

Premium Checks from the State Livestock show in February will be mailed next week.  All of the checks for a county 4-H club will go to the agent and all checks for an FFA chapter will go to the teacher at the address given in the online registration.


PLEASE go to the online registration site.  Select "Edit Account" and make sure your mailing address is correct.  We print the mailing labels from what you entered.  We will be printing labels on Monday.


While you are on the site, if you will select "premiums" on the lower left sidebar, you will get a list of all of the premium your exhibitors will receive.


There are about 1600 checks going out.  One of those might wind up in the wrong envelope.  If you happen to get one that does not belong to you, let me know so we can get it to the right person.


I get this question sometimes. "Why are premiums for one show different from another?"


Showmanship premiums are the same for everyone this year.  Show premiums will be different because when you depend on donations for premium money, some shows will get more money donated that others.  In addition, the way shows are set up really affects the way you have to split up premiums.  For example, at the show this year there were 1335 market hogs in the show and there were 50 classes of market hogs.  There were 468 beef heifers in the show and there were 78 classes of beef heifers. 



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