Thank you all for your interest in the summer GGIA workshop and GCPP exam
testing.  For those of you interested in pursuiing industry certification,
this class will be a valuable tool in helping you towards reaching that
goal.  Listed below are the program/teacher checkoffs from the Horticulture
Speciality area standards listed in the Industry Certification packet (page

6.5 Horticulture

A. Does the teacher have a current pesticide license?

B. Are the crops, products and services generated through the Agriculture

program of a commercial nature (do they reflect crops, products and
services produced in

local businesses)? Does the teacher provide annual greenhouse/nursery crop
schedule of

what is grown in lab facilities?

C. Does the horticulture program have a Live Plant License from the Georgia
Department of


D. Has the teacher passed Level 1 of GGIA Certification? Has the teacher
had at least 5

students prepare and pass Jr. GGIA Certification every 5 years?

This course will offer basic instruction on the identification of the
plants as well as administration of the GCPP test for certification.  The
course will be listed this week on the website.  I will send an
email through the listserv as soon as it is posted so you can begin signing

Here is the basic information for you so you can plan accordingly:

Monday, June 25 - Wednesday, June 27 2012
UGA Griffin Campus
 Instructor: Mr. Todd Hurt
Facilitator: Ms. Yvette Smith

Yvette H. Smith
South Region Horticulture Area Teacher
Georgia Agricultural Education
ABAC 34 - 2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, GA 31793
Office Number 229.386.3213
Cell Number 912.682.2869