Now is the time to look for† & buy show lambs.† Market show lambs are a fun project for experienced & new students looking for a smaller livestock project.† The show season begins in the summer and finishes up at the State Market Lamb Show in October at the Georgia National Fair.† Market Lamb numbers have decreased in recent years, opening up room for new students & new projects.†

A great reference for students & teachers with first time lamb projects is the Georgia Club Lamb Producers Association (

Southern Cross Lamb Sale (flyer attached) April 28, 2012

Georgia Elite Lamb Sale (flyer attached)† May 5, 2012

The Source Sale:†† May 11-12

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Please see the attached flyer for the Georgia Elite Lamb Sale which will be May 5th at the Odom Barn at 1631 Elder Rd, Bishop, GA 30621. If you have a website or other form of communication (like a list serve) to the potential lamb exhibitors, ag teachers, and extension agents please post this. We will have a great selection of lambs from 8 different breeders.

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††††††††††††††† NEW THIS YEAR!!!

All lambs in this sale will be eligible for a special show in Perry on Friday July 13 (in conjunction with the Farm Credit Lamb Classic). We will call the show the GA Elite Lamb Show. There will be no entry fee for the exhibitor and only the lambs from the GA Elite Lamb Sale will be in this show. The lambís entry fee will be paid by the breeder/seller.

Call Keith Odom for any questions.


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