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GVATA Summer Conference T-Shirts, Community Service, & Breakouts

This year GVATA will have t-shirts for all teachers who attend summer
conference. We just need to know the proper sizes to order. Also, GVATA
members have the opportunity to participate in a community service activity
on Tuesday from 8-12. There is a limit of 25 people, and you will need to
provide your own transportation (or car pool). We are working with Hands On
Northeast Georgia to plan this event. We are not sure what we will be doing
yet, but we are thinking it will be something along the lines of school or
community garden project.

What size t-shirt would you like? * It's Free!

Community Service Check here if you are interested in participating in the
community service project planned for Tuesday (July 10th) from 8-12.


Please check if you are interested in any of the following breakout
sessions. These sessions would be held off-site and would require driving
to the location and would also take longer than the normal 50 minutes.

Poultry Science- Poultry FArm Milledge Avenue (UGA Poultry Science
Meat Judging- UGA meats lab (Pringle)
Animal and dairy science evaluation and general livestock knowledge- Double
Bridges Farm (Douglas, Silcox, Graves)
Dog Training as an SAE- Morgan County- School Bus transportation provided.

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