As I announced at the GVATA Summer Teachers Conference, the Agriculture Experience Tracker (AET) record keeping system is a wonderful tool to help teach record keeping with your students. For the past two years, all AgEd programs in Georgia have been able to use the AET at no cost. Our pilot status is over, so, for now, the burden of paying for the AET program will fall on each individual chapter. Below is information from the AET about signing up, maintaining use, questions, etc…Please read the the information below.


· If your chapter has been using the AET, all of your records will still be in place. All that you need to do is make contact with the AET staff and be sure that they keep your chapter "active" on the AET site.

· If your chapter has not been using the AET, you simply need to make contact with the AET staff and activate your program's site.


Billing and pricing will be handled exclusively through the AET for each chapter. The state FFA office will not collect any fees for the AET. If you have questions, feel free to let me know. I encourage you to log on to and get started.





Welcome to the AET,


Some of you maybe familiar with AET from this previous year's pilot while some maybe new.  This past year your state provided a free pilot year to allow students the chance to explore the system.  Our teacher side of AET is FREE, so you may want to log into that part of AET and explore the new features we have created for you, and still creating new features this summer.  We are planning to attend your state conference and provide more inservice training, but wanted to share some features with you so that in the conference you can develop questions.


Use of AET for the chapter (FREE)

1. Go to and log in using the teacher section (username is your GA# - GA1234 and your initial password is the same..upper case GA)

2. Once logged in you need to set your teacher profiles with your email address so you can receive our AET web updates

3.  There is a teacher getting started guide in the teacher help section here -

4. Choosing the tracker you can develop a chapter calendar, as well as see the state of Georgia's calendar for state calendar that everyone is using!

5.  In your PROFILE, you can also choose "chapter homepage management" and develop a FREE AETwebsite that will share your calendar and other information with anyone...parents, booster and students....all seeing how active your program is!


AET for students and expanded teacher information:

1.. To officially subscribe, you can go to PROFILE and "subscription manager" and renew your account.  This past year your state & AET provided it free, so this coming year to use AET for students to record SAEs and apply for FFA awards you will need to subscribe.  


Why subscribe for students?

1. Students can record their experiences in ag education activities such as classroom, FFA, SAE, community service and FFA competitions...we even have a new Mobile APP for AET...record entries on their phone

2. AET allows students to manage inventory values as well features livestock management modules for students with advanced animal SAEs.  

3.  All student data is pooled up into teacher reports so your can grade their records in their SAE, record their use of the system for activity grades and have valuable reports such as how much students spend in the local community, their involvement in activities and a record of over program value.


How easy is it to subscribe?

1. Easy, go to the teacher side and just subscribe, an invoice will be developed, you can print, hand in for approval, even add a PO# then reprint.

2. We do not wait for payment, you can determine the process and pay once you are ready.  

3. Our goal is this for ALL STUDENTS IN CLASS...the COST IS based that way, so use educational funds and not FFA.

4.  Need help with the cost...let us know your needs and we will help! 


Any questions, please email [log in to unmask].


Thanks and we look forward to serving you and your students. Roger


Dr. Roger D. Hanagriff
193 Bowden Road
Huntsville, Texas 77340