I know the Georgia National Fair in Perry seems like a long way off but it will actually start in 9 weeks!!   Online registration for FFA youth exhibits are now open, all exhibits must be registered online before Sept 20th.  You must have a password to register, the fair will issue these passwords to you if you do not already have one, to get your password you must contact the fair at  [log in to unmask]  It may take over 24 hours to get your password so please don't wait until the last minute.  

**Teacher Resources are available at the bottom of this email.    

There many opportunities open for your horticulture students at the fair.  An incentive for your students - a great chance for them to win some individual prize money (all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons receive money).  All of the items below are due on the fair grounds by Saturday, September 29th All of these exhibits are shown in Heritage Hall. 
Each chapter is eligible to enter 
    -  5 Mini Horticulture Booths
 (no theme) Section chapter winner $100 & Plaque and Reserve Section winner $50 & Plaque 
     - 5 Research Horticulture Booths (no theme) Section chapter winner $100 & Plaque and Reserve Section winner $50 & Plaque
     - 1 Large chapter Horticulture Booth (Theme - Ornamental Edibles) Section chapter winner $300 & Plaque and Reserve Section winner $200 & Plaque 
     - 25 Landscape Drawings -  Section chapter winner $40 and Reserve Section winner $30  
     - 5 Live plants - Section chapter winner $40 and Reserve Section winner $30  
     - 5 Silk Flower Arrangements (Theme - Family Fun Memories st the Fair) Section chapter winner $40 and Reserve Section winner $30  - 
Chapters may also enter teams for the ID   This is great practice for the area Floriculture and Nursery CDEs.  The fair also awards prize money and plaques and ribbons for the Top 2 Teams and Top 10 Individuals. 
    Jr and Sr Floriculture and Jr and Sr Nursery/ Landscape will be held on Tuesday, October 9th.  The contest will be located inside the Roquemore Conference Center beside Heritage Hall.  Teams will register for competition times between the hours of 10-2.  Students get into the fair for free if they are competing that day.  REGISTRATION FOR THESE EVENTS WILL COME LATER FROM MELISSA RILEY IN THE CENTRAL REGION OFFICE.  
Floral Design Competition at the Fair will also be on Tuesday, October 9th with check in at 9:30 and contest starting at 10:00 in Heritage Hall, the theme is " Family Fun Memories st the Fair ".  Each chapter is allowed to enter 2 students and students must bring their own materials.  Cost of the design, including any accessories, must be between $15 and $25 based on current wholesale products.  Prizes include section winner $100 & Plaque and Reserve Section winner $50 & Plaque
 Entering projects into the Georgia National Fair is a great way to meet the SAE part of our standards.  This could also be a great way for your chapter to win money.  The more items you enter, the more points you receive.  Top chapter is $500 & plaque and 2nd is $250 & plaque.   See the Georgia National Fair website for more information.   

REGISTRATION: All of these exhibits and contests must be registered on line at the Georgia National Fair website
.  Except ID contests must be registered through a separate email sent from Melissa Riley in the Central Region Office.  

You can visit the fair website and select "Youth Educational Exhibits" from the competition icon at the top of the screen.  

Teacher Resources and Help: 
Dr. Hamlin and I have worked to put together resources for you to use with your classes to better prepare them for creating these horticulture exhibits.  By visiting Dr. Hamlin's page on the North Region Portal (click on her picture twice) you will find instructional videos and my visiting my page on the central region (click on my picture twice) you will find a powerpoint on creating Hort Mini-Booth displays and the scoring rubrics as well as study PowerPoints for ID.  
Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!
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