As the new school year approaches, I want each of you to be aware of the two options for FFA membership.

Dues option
Option one is the traditional collection of FFA dues. For the 2012-13 school, state FFA dues are $4 per person and national dues are $7 per person. That means that each local chapter should submit $11 per student to the state FFA office. Local chapters can set their own local dues based on need. FFA advisors are responsible for submiting the names of those students who pay FFA dues on their chapter's FFA roster through the AgCareer Network. For the fall semester, FFA dues are due to the state FFA office by October 15.

Affiliation option
The second option for FFA membership is the Affiliation fee option. In this option local agricultural education programs are charged a fee based on the total number of students (unduplicated) who are enrolled in agricultural education classes for the entire school year. When a program pays their fee, every student becomes an FFA member. Three imporatant things to know about affiliating...

1) Programs who affiliate are still expected to submit their chapter FFA roster on the AgCareer Network;
2) Programs who affiliate are expected to not collect any dues from students (local, state or national). Funds to pay the program affiliation fee must come from an alternative source (i.e. fundraising, donations, Alumni, etc...); and
3) Programs who affiliate are still expected to submit their fee by October 15.

Attached is the Affiliation fee structure for the 2012-2013 school year.  As you study the fee structure, keep in mind that columns A & B show the breakdown of each window, and column C shows the fee for each window. For example, an agricultural education program that has 187 unduplicated students in class would fit in the 176-200 window, so their fee would be $1,875.

Programs who wish to Affiliate will need to commit to the State FFA Office by September 1. In order to Affiliate, each program should submit their "number" of unduplicated students for the entire school year. Programs who teach on a semester system may require some discussion with fellow teachers and councilors in order to determine their unduplicated number for the entire year. Your program will be billed based on the number that you turn in by September 1. If a program pays their Affiliation fee and then exceeds that window with FFA members, the program will be billed for the difference in the correct window and the window previously paid.

In order to Affiliate for the 2012-2013 school year, please contact me by September 1, and provide your "number" for the entire school year. If you have any questions about the Affiliation option, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


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