Instructions for checking your license status and category certifications:




2. Menu to the right of the commissioner’s picture, place your curser on divisions


3. When the next menu box opens up, place your curser over plant industry (at the end of the menu)


4. When the next menu box opens up, place your curser over pesticides (half way down menu)


5. Click on pesticides


6. You’ll see the contact information on your right


7. Scroll half way down to licenses, compliance information, forms and facts


8. Click on pesticide applicator licensing and certification


9. You’ll see links that will allow you to view your record page by entering your last name or license number. This page will contain your issue date, the categories you are certified in, your expiration date, and the credit hours you have accumulated toward recertification.


Links to Instructional Training Materials for initial certification:

1.      Georgia Pest Management Handbook

(for general commercial license)

2.      Worker Protection Standard             

(for category 40)

3.      Demonstration and Research           

and Plant Agriculture                                   *  training materials are listed under               

(for categories 21 and 33)                               Commercial Applicators Examination

                                                                        heading at the above link


For initial certification as a whole or just a needed category:


1.      Collect training materials at above links

2.      Study training materials until you are confident you can pass the test.

3.      Go to

a.       Create an account

b.      Tabs across the top enable you to look at testing sites, read category information, secure training materials, and register for a test.


For recertification needed to maintain current license:

1.      Go through step 8 above.

2.      At pesticide applicator licensing and certification page, choose Pesticide Applicator Recertification Courses

3.      This site will allow you to search courses by title, category, or location. Each course listed has the number of credit hours and the categories that those credit hours can apply toward. 

Attached are the recertification forms for commercial and private pesticide license.

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