The revised FFA award and CDE guidelines for the 2012-2013 school year have been uploaded to the Georgia FFA Award Bulletin. You can review the Award Bulletin online by going to the Georgia FFA website (www.georgiaffa.org) and selecting the Award Guidelines link on the left side menu bar; or you can log on to the Georgia AgEd website (www.gaaged.org) and click on the Award Bulletin link on the left side menu bar.


The changes vary from scoring, ID lists, number of classes, etc…You should notice that changes are clearly marked with a "NEW" tag in each set of guidelines.


As you go online to find the guidelines, please be aware that some of the outdated material is still being taken down. When you look, if you see two sets of guidelines for the same activity, please be sure to download the guidelines that were revised in 2012. Some guidelines were not changed this year, so the most updated version will say 2011. Below is a list of the guidelines that were changed for 2012-13.


-General Guidelines

-Ag Mechanics CDE

-Agricultural Electrification CDE

-Dairy CDE (Jr. and Sr.)

-Floral Design CDE (Jr. and Sr.)

-Floriculture CDE (Jr. and Sr.)

-Forestry CDE (Jr. and Sr.)

-Lawnmower Operations CDE (Middle School)

-Livestock CDE (Jr. & Sr.)

-Meats CDE (Jr. & Sr.)

-National Chapter Award guidelines

-Nursery/Landscape CDE (Jr. and Sr.)

-Poultry CDE (Jr. and Sr.)

-Reporter Award (Middle School and High School)

-Secretary Award (Middle School and High School)

-Treasurer Award (Middle School and High School)

-Wildlife Management CDE (Jr. and Sr.)

-Wood Fabrication CDE (Jr. and Sr.)


Please remember to review all award guidelines closely. Thank you for your patience and your feedback. Let me know if you have any questions.



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