UGA Urban Pest Management Program

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Workshop

Griffin, GA - October 26, 2012


2 HPC/5 IPM Certification Hours
2 HPC/4 IPM Registration Hours
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collageUrban and structural pest management is the protection of property, food, and health from insect and rodent pests commonly found in homes, restaurants, and other businesses. Ultimately, pest management is about problem solving. It involves the collection of information, analysis of the data and development of a strategy to resolve (or prevent) a pest problem (R. D. Kramer, in Mallis Handbook). This simple definition captures the essence of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Decisions concerning the management and prevention of pest infestations should always be knowledge-based. IPM, then, is a decision-making process driven by information collected during an inspection. Because the quality, and thus effectiveness, of the decisions made in an IPM program are only as good as the information on which the decisions are made, inspections are the cornerstone of IPM programs.

The goal of this workshop is to teach participants how to generate and interpret the information required for effective IPM programs. Workshops are held in the spring and fall each year. The IPM Workshop Program addresses the development of critical thinking skills required for pest management professionals to develop an IPM mindset. Workshop programming addresses, through classroom lectures and discussion, on-site demonstrations, identification laboratories, and interactive field activities, such topics as:

      • Logical components of IPM programs
      • Inspections: The driving force and cornerstone of the IPM process
      • Inspection tools and techniques
      • Decision making - when to treat, not treat, or do nothing
      • Using trap data in the decision-making process
      • The role of pesticides in IPM

A Unique Training Opportunity. An insect identification laboratory comprises the second day of the workshop. During the laboratory session, participants will see dozens of pest species, and/or signs of their presence, commonly found in and around Georgia’s urban environment.

The workshop's registration fee includes instructional materials, a UGA Certificate of Completion, lunch and refreshments.

For more information, contact Dr. Daniel Suiter at 770-233-6114.

To register for an upcoming IPM Workshop, print the registration (PDF), fill it out, and return the bottom section with your payment to the address listed on the form. Faxed registrations also accepted at 770-228-7287.

Directions to the training facility and a list of local hotels are available.