Thank you Becky Forrester and Tyrone Castell for sending in and sharing
successful & fun educational activities.

From: Becky Forrester: Gordon Lee High School
*Using Agriculture Produce (Milk & Eggs) & Taste Test*
 It takes almost all of a class period (block schedule), with some
instructions before we go outside.

This is what I buy for 2 classes of about 28 students.

3 gal. whole milk

8 pint of half and half

1 bag of sugar

18 eggs


6-7 containers of salt (26 oz.)

enough zip lock bags for each student to have:  1 sandwich bag and 1 quart
bag.  They have to be zip lock!


a cooler full of ice from the lunchroom


Mix together in a bowl

    4 beaten eggs

    4 cups half and half

    2 teas. vanilla

    1/2 teas. salt

Pour this mixture in an *empty*, *clean* milk jug. * Fill it half full with
the mixture*, then fill the rest of the milk jug with milk.  A funnel
helps.  Put the cap on the milk jug and have a student shake it (a lot).  I
have the students do everything except for the next part.  Each student
gets 1 zip lock sandwich bag and 1 quart zip lock bag.  I pour
approximately 1 cup of the mixture into the *sandwich bag*.  I don't really
measure, just eye ball it.  The student must make sure most of the air is
out of the bag and it is zipped well.  Place the sandwich bag full of
mixture into the quart bag, fill the quart bag with ice and salt well.
Shake well and within a few minutes, they should have ice cream.

You could add chocolate or fruit to the mixture.  Sometimes kids will have
ice cream that tastes salty and its because they didn't zip well or their
bag busted (air not pressed out).   If the mixture is not solidifying, they
don't have enough salt or ice.  We love doing this during a short unit on

From Tyrone Casteel, Woodland High School
*Environmental Project*

We found a website<> and
thought it was really cool.  It would be a great project for classes or FFA
students to work with science teachers especially environmental science.
 On September 21 each year groups around the world set up a small park or
some other display, in a parking space, promoting environmentalism or the
green movement.  The group registers with the website and are added to a
google map showing the location of the display.  I thought it may be
something that you would want to share with the other teachers.  Our
chapter and general horticulture classes are partnering with the
environmental sciences classes to set up our display, should be fun.

Tyrone Casteel
Woodland High School
Agriculture Education/FFA

Dr. Teri Hamlin
North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
204C Four Towers University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602
706-552-4461 / 706-540-0032
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