Social media is a growing part of our society. As I'm sure  you can tell, young people are taking an active part in various forms of social media. Since we are in the "young people" business, it is important that we be able to connect with young people in a way that they receive our message. That requires, as many of you know, being willing to evolve and learn new things!


With that said, I am proud to announce to you that the Georgia FFA is now on both Facebook and Twitter. I encourage you to share this information with your students and encourage them to participate. I am aware that social media can bring some challenges, but there seems to be a lot of up side as well. Social media etiquitte is important. So I encourage each of you to consider taking time to promote FFA (and other positive) social media with your students. The fact is, many students are using these tools right now anyway. So we have another outlet to share positive messages with them in the places where they read.



Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaFFA

Or search Georgia FFA on www.facebook.com





We are still new to these two endevors, so if you (or your students) have ideas on innovative ways for FFA to be using social media, please share.




Ben Lastly

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