I want to thank you for all your suggestions and discussion on the changes to the Blue Sign Points System for the upcoming year. After counting the votes and discussing the votes and comments here in the office we will only have one change for next year. Next year the quality points for placing first, second and third will change to:
1st -9 points
2nd- 6 points
3rd - 3 points
This will be the only change that will take place, again thank you for taking time to think about and vote on the changes.
Just to let you know the outcome of the vote, the percentages are below:

#1 - change in quality points 50% for and 50% against and the South Region Office broke the tie.
#2 Change in multi-teacher departments(do away with the division) 87% wanted to leave it as it is and keep the division factor.
#3 Send out complete results- 59% said do not send them out.
#4 Change state participation to 10 points- 67% said do not change and leave it at 3 points.
#5 A - Keep the Points System and Blue Signs- 55%
    B - Keep the Point System but do away with the Blue Signs-0%
    C - Do away with the Points System but keep the Blue Signs- 15%
    D - Do away with the Points System and the Blue Signs - 30%

Tommy Waldrop
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South Region Agricultural Education
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