Teachers with floral design student participants --
Please make sure you come prepared Tuesday and Thursday to pay the supply fee for your contestants ($15 per student) as well as  your floral design tshirts ($10) if you ordered them.  Kendal Hickox will be handling registration including writing invoices, taking your payments as well as giving out student designer numbers. 
REMEMBER: supply fee payment is due prior to the start of the CDE. 
Student designers need to bring with them:
1 pair of floral shears/scissors
1 pair of wire cutters
1 small bucket
1 hand held broom/dustpan (students will be responsible for cleanup of their work area)
Student designers can wear official dress, however a chapter tshirt and appropriate pants is also acceptable.
Teachers nor parents will be allowed to enter the design/testing area while the CDE is in progress.  When time is called and the work area is clean students and advisors can take pictures of their designs, however nothing can be added or changed at that time or the student will be disqualified.  Once the judges have scored all designs students may pick up their arrangements - this will be much later in the evening. 
Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.
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