This is an excellent opportunity for agriculture students.  Please pass
this along to any applicants.

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Mr. Bailey,****

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Please find below information regarding a scholarship opportunity for
students that would predominantly be found in agricultural classrooms.  If
at all possible, please forward this information to all teachers on the
AgEd listserve.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.   ****

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*Rahn Milligan*****

*Region VI Representative*****

*GA Soil and Water Conservation Commission*****

*****151 Langston Chapel Rd., STE 700*********

*****Statesboro****, GA 30458*******

*Phone:  (912) 681-5241*****

*Fax:  (912) 871-1429*****

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*From:* Kim Chapman
*Sent:* Thursday, September 06, 2012 2:47 PM
*To:* **John Loughridge**; **Robert Amos**; Guerry Thomas; ** Keegan Malone*
*; Luke Crosson; Rahn Milligan
*Cc:* Joan Lam; Gail Hull; Jenny Searl; Paula Dillard; Lancia Wyant; Dianne
*Subject:* GACDS Scholarships****

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Could you please help us get the word out about these scholarships for the
Georgia Association of Conservation District Supervisors (GACDS)?****

To encourage study and careers in soil and water conservation related
fields, GACDS administers three $1,000 scholarships each year. The
scholarships are given to students majoring in, or intending to major in, a
soil and water conservation related area. Acceptable areas of study
include, but are not limited to, agricultural education, agronomy,
horticulture, plant pathology, and agricultural communications.****

The applicant may be a graduate student, senior, junior, sophomore or
freshman from **Georgia** at any accredited college, school, or university
in the ****United States****. Applicants in their first semester of college
should send their high school transcript and proof of college enrollment.
Students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.75 and be financially needy.
There will be no discrimination on basis of race, sex, or religion. A
candidate may submit one application to be reviewed for all three
scholarships, but he/she can only receive one of the three awards per year.
An individual may not compete for a scholarship that he or she has won in
past years. However, he or she may compete for the other scholarships. The
scholarship payments are disbursed according to the fund:****

The GACDS Scholarship winner is selected by the Scholarship Committee. The
awardee is recognized at the GACDS Annual Meeting in January. Disbursements
will be made in two payments of $500.00 paid to the student upon receipt of
proof of satisfactory completion of each of two semesters of full-time
academic work.****

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The ****Garland**** and Anita Thompson Family Scholarship was established
in 2009 in memory of Mrs. Anita Thompson. One payment of $1000 is presented
to the scholarship recipient at the GACDS Annual Meeting.****

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The GACDS Auxiliary Scholarship winner is selected by the Auxiliary
Scholarship Committee. The funds are disbursed in two installments of $500
upon satisfactory completion of each of the two semesters of full-time
academic work. The scholarship winner is recognized at the GACDS Annual

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Applications should be sent to: GACDS, ****P.O. Box 111**, ** Athens**, **GA
** ** 30603****, or [log in to unmask] on or before October 15th each year.****

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Kim Chapman****

*Kimberly Chapman*

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Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission****

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706-552-4486 (fax)****

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