At the GVATA summer conference I announced to you that plans were in the works for an official  Georgia FFA SAE record book. That process has taken a little longer that expected, but we are almost there. A handful of teachers from around the state are field testing the record book over the next month or so to make sure that we have all of the kinks out. I hope to be able to make the record book available to everyone later this fall, and we will offer some instruction and information about the book at Mid-Winter Conference.


A few of you are using some type of record keeping system, but many of you are not. For those of you using the AET, you are welcome to continue using that resource. For those who do not want to pay for that product, our plan is to provide an official Georgia FFA SAE record book to help every AgEd program and FFA chapter use a common system for maintaining SAE records. The SAE record book that we are making available lines up with the State FFA Degree, the American FFA Degree and proficiency awards. It is an Excel document that can be maintained online, or printed off and used in hard copy format for those who have to go that direction.


Have a great weekend. I will share the Georgia FFA Record Book with you soon.



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