Now is the time for final preparations for Extemp and Creed speaking cde.

A video of state winning Creed and Extemp speakers is available on CDE
podcast channel and also located on my portal.

Attached are instructions on how to download and view video.

Attached are sample questions for the Creed, along with each cde score cards.

**Remember* *extemporaneous topics will not be provided ahead of time.

With good preparation, though, your students will be well prepared no
matter which topic they draw.  The good news is that many
of the best resources for this CDE are free. Here are a few examples
of materials that could be useful for extemp preparation (and also for
increasing ag knowledge with all of your students)

   - *Growing Georgia Website*: free subscription by going to:
   - *Agricultural Research Magazine*: free subscription for schools.
Email [log in to unmask] or call 301-504-1638
   - *The Furrow* (published by John Deere): see your John Deere
dealer for info.
   - Many commodity groups also send out free magazines

For complete details on the FFA Creed and Extemporaneous Speaking CDE,
refer to the
CDE guide on the Georgia Ag Ed Website

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North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
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