> Good Morning Teachers,
> As most of us braved this first bit of cold weather it is hard to
> believe it's time to start planning for your spring greenhouse crops!
> Attached you will find the 2013 Spring Plug and Cutting Order Form.  As
> we've experienced water damage here in our office this summer and to some
> of our office equipment our fax machine became more tempermental - working
> on a whim.  To ensure your order is received please make your selections on
> the order form, noting your name and school/chapter name and email it back
> to me.
NEW Items:
You will find there are *several new items* on the list this year, those
items appear in green on the order form. Herbs and Calibrachoa (also known
as million bells) combos are the most exciting additions!  The calibrachoa
combos are 3 colors to each plug that would be perfect to make their own
mixed hanging baskets. Look up pictures of these are google images to view
the full size of these beauties! Herb gardens are an easy solution to
students with limited money/space for their SAE.  Note that on several
selections you will see "growers choice of 3" which means a tray may
include some colors not included in the regular offering and is completely
left to the grower to decide.

MIXED planters/baskets:
Mixed baskets are the trend now (1 or more different plants per basket) -
creating full, colorful, and interesting floral combinations all in one
container.  Here are some combos using the plant selections on our
list such as:

> Scaveola (a cascading flowering plant) mixed with wave petunias
> Creeping jenny (a unique lime green plant that spills over containers)
> mixed with petunias
> Angelonia (an upright flower), sweet potato vine, and wave petunias
> Creeping jenny, angelonia, and dragonwing or angelwing begonia
> Calibrachoa, sweet potato vine and verbena
> Dracaena, joseph's coat, and wave petunias
> Bacopa and creeping jenny
There are numerous combinations using the plants on our list. If you have
any specific questions please feel free to call or email - I'd be more than
happy to assist you in making your selections.

New this year, most of our vegetables will be available in half trays and
we have added a few new varieties of tomatoes and eggplant.
A fungus disease called downy mildew has had devastating results on
Impatiens. The disease was found all over the country and no known
prevention or cure is available at this time. These plants will not be sold
in the "big box" stores or Pike Nurseries. We think it is important to take
the high road and not offer the traditional impatiens or double impatiens
until a solution is found. However, New Guinea Impatiens are resistant to
downy mildew and are still being offered this year.

*All spring orders are due to me by next Tuesday, November 13th.*

Yvette H. Smith
South Region Horticulture Area Teacher
Georgia Agricultural Education
ABAC 34 - 2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, GA 31793
Office Number 229.386.3213
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