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Subject: FW: Soil Quality Test Bucket, Soil Quality Kit Guides for
Educators and background information on Soils Education Project.
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 See email below about soil quality kits for educators!  Hope y’all can use

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*Subject:* FW: Soil Quality Test Bucket, Soil Quality Kit Guides for
Educators and background information on Soils Education Project.
*Importance:* High

Supporting a joint soils education
project<>between NRCS and
various Nebraska partners, Mike Kucera, Agronomist at the
Soil Quality and Ecosystems Branch at the National Soil Survey Center,
working with several states, NHQ, and NTSCs has released *"Soil Quality Kit
- Guides for Educators”* including:  soil quality sampling, bulk density,
organic matter, respiration, soil electrical conductivity, pH, soil
nitrogen, soil phosphorus, and infiltration. Each guide includes an
introduction to the soil property, discussion of the inherent and
management factors influencing it, and explanation of the property's
relationship to soil function. The educator's guides also include detailed
information on  steps and methods used to measure the soil property and
interpretations of the test results. Helpful to educators, the guides
double as lesson plans with questions so students can apply what they have

The guides for educator’s are complementary to a new soil quality test kit
concept known as the *"Soil Quality Test Bucket."* The bucket is starting
to receive attention not only from educators, but also from NRCS offices
and others interested in assembling a compact version of a soil quality
test kit at economical prices. The bucket kit contains a wearable vest that
can be used for easy transport of test supplies in the field. The contents
of the bucket kit can be customized based on local needs.

Visit Soil Quality for
download the Soil Quality Kit - Guides for Educators, a Soil Quality
Test Bucket supply order form, and a sample agenda upon which training can
be customized to meet local needs.  You can also visit  to learn more about the soil
quality education project.

Please share this information with others in your respective state that
would benefit.  If you have any questions you can contact Mike Kucera at
[log in to unmask] or 402-437-4133.


Norm Widman, National Agronomist, and

Mike Kucera, Agronomist­­—National Soil Survey Center

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