We will use the same flow for the GNF as we did for the State Show this past February.

When you cross over the pipe in the pecan Trees coming in, start making two lines to unload- Use the right lane if you want to pen in the lower barn- Sheep and Swine #2
If you want to pen in the upper barn(old) get into the middle or left lane to go the upper barn.
Get your pen assignment as soon as you get to the gate behind Sheep and swine #2( we will have a tent and table set up with someone assigning pens)
Back up to the barn that you choose and unload your pigs and then pull your trailer to the side where someone else can unload pigs, please move your trailer as soon as possible.
Bring your pigs to the check-in or weigh-in as soon as you can to get them into the show.
Weigh-in ends at 5 pm.

Remember that we will have 12, 11, and 10 grade showmanship Thursday night starting at 6:30 pm

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