Teachers -
The Georgia National Fair Floral Design contest will be held on Tuesday, October 9th in the Miller Murphy Howard Building. Please enter the building from the side - behind Heritage Hall. I have attached information pertinent for your students who are competing, but have highlighted some key points below.
A few things to keep in mind -- registration starts at 9:30 am with the contest beginning promptly at 10.
Students have 30 minutes to create their design based on the theme -- "Family Fun Memories at the Fair"
NO pictures can be used of the arrangement they are creating.
A price sheet is also attached which can be filled out prior to the contest OR at the contest, but counts in the 30 minutes for the competition (no extra time is given to complete the price sheet).
The cost of the design must be within $15- $25 dollars.
Designs must be 1 unit and deliverable.
Fresh, silks or dried foliage and flowers, accessories, balloons, etc can be used.
NOTHING can be premade prior to the contest.
All designs will be evaluated by 3 judges.

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