Fellow Ag Teachers,


As we come to the end the month of November, this is a new beginning for one of our outstanding Ag-Ed state staff members.


Dr. Teri Hamlin will be among the ranks of the retired after today. She has agreed to help us with some remaining activities and events during the rest of this school year, but I wanted to send a short note of gratitude and thanks to Dr. Hamlin for the incredible difference she has made in this program over the past several years. I have often heard it said that a true mark of great compassion and character is when a person leaves something in better shape that when they found it --- and I think this is a true statement about Dr. Teri Hamlin. She has definitely made a positive difference in the agricultural education program in Georgia. On a personal note, I have been honored, amazed, and blessed to have the great fortune to work with Teri. She will always be a great mentor and friend to me.


I am sure you will be getting details in the near future regarding a celebration in honor of Dr. Hamlin, but on this day, as she enters retirement, I hope each of you will join me in recognition of the great Ag-Ed career we have been blessed to witness from Teri.


John (Chip) Bridges

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