Is your chapter looking for a new fundraiser?  Valentine Flower Sales are always a good money maker and can be done several different ways.

Sample 1 - Sell "preorders" on bud vases once school gets back in January, only order supplies for items that are presold or you could order a few extras for items to be sold that day.  Then have your students create the bud vase as a great hands on class project to distribute on Valentine's Day. 

Sample 2 - Order single stem roses and carnations to sell on Valentine's Day.  Set up stations in the hallways, lobby, or lunchroom so students in the school can purchase on Valentine's Day.

Or there are lots of other ways you could make a great Valentine fundraiser.  If you need help teaching design aspects or bow making, I would be more than happy to come work with your classes.

The below prices are just estimated flower cost from JD Royers Wholesale in Perry which delivers all over central GA, areas 3 and 4.  I have listed their contact information as well as others wholesalers that would be excellent to work with at the bottom of this email. 

Most Valentine Flowers orders would need to be made by calling the wholesale florist by the 3rd week in January!

Red or Pink Roses - $1.75 each
Any other color rose - $1.50 each
Red, White, or Pink Carnations - $0.45 each
Leatherleaf Greenery(you put 3 stems to a vase) - $48.95 a case - there are 25 bunches in a case with 25 stems in each bunch making them about $0.08 a stem
Vases - $19.95 a case with 24 vases to a case making them about $0.83 cents a piece
Ribbon - $6.00 for 100 yards and you use about 2 yards per bow making each bow about $0.12
Baby Breath - you can use 1 stem 2 or 3 times times  - $9.00 for 10 stems making baby breath about $0.45

Bud Vase total with 1 red rose - around $3.39 - 3.50 which could be sold for $10-$15
Bud Vase total with 3 red roses - $6.89 - $7.00 which could be sold for $20 -$25
Bud Vase total with 3 carnations - $2.99 - which could be sold for $7 - $10

Single Stem Roses - sell for about $5 each
Single Stem Carnations - sell for about $2-3 each

Local Wholesale Florist -

JD Royer Wholesale in Perry
Ask for Brenda - 478-987-9960

Davis Wholesale in Macon
Ask for Stewart - 478-742-3637

Hornbuckles in Macon -
(478) 746-3245
Hornbuckles in Lyons -
(912) 526-8105

If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know!

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Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
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