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Date: December 21, 2012, 9:22:11 AM EST
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Subject: LJT Jackpot

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You are invited to exhibit your swine projects in the LJT Jackpot on January 5 immediately following the Hart EMC Swine Show hosted by Gary Minyard.

The deadline for entry has been extended to December 24, 2012 due to low participation and late release of the information on the second show.  The entry fee is $23 per hog which includes a $3 cleanup fee.

The rules of the two shows are very similar, with the exception of breaking classes by barrow and gilt if there are 100 or more of either sex.    

A second Showmanship competition will not be held.  The second show will start as soon as pictures are complete.

The top five barrow and top five gilts will be selected if the show is split.  The weights submitted for the first show will be used for both and the same weigh back tolerance will be accepted.   The top two hogs in each class will be weighed and must weigh within the tolerance range to be eligible for a premium and a ranking in the top five.  After qualifying for premium the first and second place winners from each class will NOT reweigh in the Top five competition.  Hogs weighing out of the tolerance permitted  will not be move to the next class.

We hope that your entries are in the mail, if not please consider mailing your entry form by December 24 to join us as David Roper of the University of Tennessee evaluates your entries.