Here are the teams that registered for the Area VI Nursery Landscape CDE to be held tomorrow in Ware County at Ware County High School.  Please keep in mind that this is a lengthy contest and require extra time for students to complete all aspects of the competition.
Registered Teams
pine grove middle andy harrison  Junior
Bradwell Institute Elizabeth Davis Senior 
Echols Shelby Corbett Senior Junior
Jeff Davis Middle School FFA Cody Herndon  Junior
Coffee High Abbie Halbig Senior 
Brantley middle Krista morris  Junior
Charlton Pickren Senior Junior
Brantley County High Richard Gill Senior Junior
Ware Co High School Jay Bennett Senior Junior
Berrien High Rebekah Estes Dunn Senior Junior
Lowndes High School Micheal Lee Barnes Senior Junior
Berrien Middle School Brook Hand  Junior
Hahira Middle Brittany Bearden  Junior
Please be reminded that teams can be 4 person, however only the top 3 scores count.
Juniors will complete a 25 question test and identify 25 plants/tools.
Seniors will complete a 25 question test, identify 25 plants/tools (check updated list), complete a 5 question problem solving test, identify 10 disorders and use a landscape design to answer 10 questions for the landscape practicum.
Rules Review -- students cannot touch or handle plant material or other specimen materials, no teachers will be allowed to enter the competition area until after the event is complete (time will be allowed to review plant material after CDE), top 2 teams advance.
Please bring your students prepared for the Nursery Landscape CDE.
What to Bring: -- students need to bring a clipboard, 2 #2 pencils, engineer and architect scale, hand held lens, NON PROGRAMMABLE calculator.  These materials WILL NOT be supplied to any student nor can be they be shared or borrowed from one another during the contest. 
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.