Teachers --
Mr. Tom Johnston with Georgia Greenhouses will be at the camp on Wednesday at 11am at the Horse Barn for plant pickup. 
The only plants Mr. Tom has ready for next Wednesday are:
Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, Creeping Jenny, Scaveola, and Sun Coleus

I have attached a copy of your orders from Georgia Greenhouse so that you can see how many of the above trays/cuttings you ordered to be prepared for pickup on Wednesday.  Teachers that have plants being delivered are highlighted in yellow.  We will discuss at the South Region Meeting the delivery date for the remainder of your orders from GA Greenhouses as well as the orders from Lewis Farms. 
You might already have or can go ahead and request a PO for the total you owe (look back at the order form you turned in as a reference), but keep in mind that a final invoice from our office will not be sent out until after the last delivery of spring plants/plugs are received in case of discrepancies, shortages or pro-rating on the growers part. 
If you have any questions please call or email me.
Yvette H. Crick
South Region Horticulture Specialist
2802 Moore Highway ABAC 34
Tifton GA 31793
229-386-3213 (office)
912-682-2869 (cell)