Thank you all for your participation in the Area 5 Jr and Sr Nursery Landscape CDE held yesterday at ABAC.
Special thanks to:
Ms. Lorie Felton for coordinating ABAC student volunteers and her welcome from ABAC to the group. 
Area Officers -- Jaky Cervantes, Payton Williams, Paige Still, Elizabeth Horne, Brianna Sapp, Cole Harper and Elizabeth Beacham for their welcome, encouragement and assistance with events.
Kendal Hickox and Ray Sanders for their assistance in setting up and serving as team leaders.
The top two teams advance to the State Nursery Landscape CDE to be held in March in Athens.

1st place -- Seminole County and Advisor Jesse Kelly
2nd place -- CA Gray Junior High and Advisor Matt Howell
1st place -- Colquitt County High and Advisor Adrienne Smith
2nd place -- Seminole County and Advisor Jesse Kelly

Please see the attached excel document for individual and team results.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or email.
Yvette H. Crick
South Region Horticulture Specialist
2802 Moore Highway ABAC 34
Tifton GA 31793
229-386-3213 (office)
912-682-2869 (cell)