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*Subject:* *FW: Scholarships for Future Ag Leaders*

 Please share with your students!

Christa - would you please post this to the AGED listserv?

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*Subject:* Scholarships for Future Ag Leaders

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High school and two-year college students are invited to apply for *a
$1,000 scholarship from the CHS Foundation*, the major giving entity of CHS
Inc., the nation's leading farmer-owned cooperative.

* Two year college students: *25 $1,000
available for first-year students studying an agricultural-related
major at any two-year college.

* High school students: *50 $1,000
available for seniors
pursuing an ag-related major at any two-year or four-year college.

* University students: *150
available to students working towards an ag-related major at 30
universities across the nation. Click
a list of participating universities.

*Click here<,zx9e,1ccz,j1ov,fy4o,2ur4,n1d>
information and applications. *

*Applications due April 1, 2013!  *
[image: Star]

[image: CHS logo]<,zx9e,1ccz,mf4r,bks,2ur4,n1d>

The CHS Foundation is the major giving entity of CHS Inc. As part of the
CHS stewardship focus, the CHS Foundation is committed to investing in the
future of rural America, agriculture and cooperative business through
education and leadership development.

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