Agents and Teachers:


In an effort to make the unloading process go quicker and smoother this year we are going to attempt to assign barns and pens prior to the show.  We are making no promises that this will work and if it does not, we will assign pens as we have in the past the day of the show.  We will be taking the number of pigs that we expect in the show and dividing this number by the number of pens that we have available.  This will give us an average number of pigs/pen.  We will then divide the number of pigs that you have registered (minus the 3rd pig registered) or the number of pigs you tell us you are bringing by that average number of pig/pen and that will be the number of pens you are assigned.  We will be assigning pens by Chapter or County and we will NOT be making provisions for those within your Chapter or County that do not want to pen with the Chapter or County. If this works, it will be the responsibility of the Agents and Teachers to insure that everyone in their Chapter or County knows what pens are assigned to them and that they do not take pens that are not assigned to the Chapter or County.


To do this we need your help and cooperation.  Please email Dr. Dove at [log in to unmask] by February 5, 2013 the following information.  If Dr. Dove does not hear from you by the 5th, it will be assumed that you have no preferences and you will be assigned pens where they are available.



1.  Do you have a barn preference? We will make every effort to assign you to the barn you request, however, barn preference will be on a first reply basis.  Once Sheep/Swine 2 is full, everyone will be assigned to Sheep/Swine 1.


2.  How many pigs do you anticipate bringing?  If have had pigs die or you know that there are those that will not make weight, please let us know.  Please don’t fib to us too badly.  An accurate count will help ensure there are adequate pens for everyone.


3. Do the FFA and 4-H groups from your county want to pen together? 


4.  Is there any reason this would create a hardship for your County or Chapter?


If you have registered pigs but are not planning on coming to the show, please let us know so that we can assign your pens to others.


Again, we are going to attempt to make this work, we make no promises.  As we are trying to make the unloading/check in process as easy and quick as possible, please work with us and help us any way you can.  If we all work together, we can make this work.


Please let us know if you have any questions.



Tommy Waldrop                              Robert Dove 

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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