Good Afternoon,

You have submitted 156 names for proficiencies. However, There are 6 areas that do not have an entry.

Agriscience Research -Animal Systems
Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship
Diversified Crop - Entrepreneurship
Grain Production - Entrepreneurship
Nursery Operation
Swine Production- Placement
 If you have a student for one of these areas please let John Allen know by email. That way we can send another reminder out if we still do not have some entries next friday. Please remember this is a standard for each teacher.

Don't forget that we have to have the applications in our office by Feb. 15th. *That is not a post marked date*

Also, Monthly reports are due February 10th.

 State Degrees March 1 as well as State Officer Applications

Last Reminder,  If you would like meals for you and your students this Saturday February 9th at for the State CDE's to be held at Ft Valley, be sure to get signed up for those before noon on Wednesday. Think link to register is below.

Thanks for all you do,

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Central Region Agricultural Education Director
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"Making Agricultural Education Work for All Georgians"