Registration is now open for the Senior Lawnmower Operation and Maintenance CDE. The Area 1 CDE will be held on March 5th at Chattahoochee Technical College, Ackworth Campus.The Area 2 CDE will be held at Oconee County High School. Both courses will be set up and ready for students at 3:00 pm. Please plan to arrive early if you can, all contestants must be on site and registered no later than 5:00. We are running the Middle School and Senior Lawnmower Driving CDE's at the same time on the same day. It is important that students arrive on time or earlier if possible so that each student may drive the course while there is still enough daylight. On-sight registration will be held under a tent on the lawn of both campuses. Problem solving and written exams will be conducted inside the Horticulture building at Chattahoochee Tech. and in classrooms at Oconee County High School. The lawnmowers students will use will be eXmark similar to the ones used last year. 

Please click on the registration link provided to register your student.

Senior Lawnmower CDE registration Link:

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